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About The Business

CrossFit DNR has been around for 6 years in Fort Collins. Prior to working with Digital MP, DNR had a decent number of new registrations over the year. The website performed a good enough job on the search engine. It ranked on the bottom of the first page for the important keywords. The website looked outdated with low-quality images. Digital MP updated the website and brought SEO to the next level

How We Helped

First, we looked at DNR’s Analytics account and found that most traffic came from mobile, so we did some extra work and designed a mobile version. This ensures the best user experience and load speed on mobile search engines.

Then, we advised DNR to take a professional photo shoot as most leads are either new or have little experience with Crossfit. We believe great photos can sell because they give new clients a visual about the programs and the community at DNR. On top of that, Digital MP

After the website was done, we took an extra of 5-6 hours working on SEO. We brought DNR to the second position on the search result page for the highest volume keyword “CrossFit Fort Collins CO” and related keywords. Click-through-rate went up 4 times 2 months after launching.

Knowing Wod gets the most and daily visits by CrossFit clients, we took special care of this page, making it look nice and easy to update for the owner.



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