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About The Business

CrossFit Pompano Beach is a Florida CrossFit that promotes fun workout and team effort. It is one of the very first gyms in the area and has grown a strong CrossFit community over the years. Working with Digital MP, CrossFit Pompano Beach hoped to expand its community and attracts more athletes to the Crossfit Games.

How We Helped

We both agreed to take the first step of web redesign as the old site was made 7 years ago. They had an awesome logo on social media while the site still kept the outdated one. We decided to make CrossFit Pompano Beach a new site that used a touch of neon green matching the logo.

Based on our experience in making fitness websites, most web visits come from mobile, so we made a design optimized for mobile version. Then, we tested load speed for all devices to ensure the top ranking on search result pages.

Knowing that photos can sell a service, we helped CFPB arrange a photo shoot by one of the best Crossfit photographer in the area, then used the photos on the website and social media. Despite the heavy graphic, the site loads in 1.5s according to GT Metrics.

Also, we specifically made an event template for the Games. We want to make sure that this page not only looks nice, the information is straightforward, but also is easy to add or change the content for even non-technicians.

Full Design

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