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Welcome to Digital MP

We create beautiful custom websites that are search engine optimized and have an emphasis on conversions. We have been making websites since 2000 and still love what we do.

Digital MP is owned and operated by Dr. Arnold Robinson (Arnie) who is also a Clinical Professor at Colorado State University.  Arnie develops and teaches undergrad courses in Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

He also develops and teaches graduate level courses in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Digital Marketing.

You can rest assured that your website will be coded to the highest level with the latest technologies and standards.

Our Work

Check Out One Of Our Favorite Websites!

Here is a website we made for Mile High Coatings. Mile High Coating is the biggest concrete staining company in Fort Collins, Co. In the last 10 years they switched their digital marketing provider several times.

Unfortunately, they never got the results they wanted from their website. Each time they switched providers,  a new website was built but was not moved properly which resulted in a loss of ranking in the search engines.

When we took over, the website was doing good on Concrete Coatings terms but their website was ugly, clunky and not user friendly at all. What is the point of coming up high in the search engines if the website doesn't convert website visitors into leads? The only emphasis on the website was for SEO but not for User Experience (UX).

It took a couple variations but we came up with a design that the owner loved and that we loved. We took a clunky 30 page website and reduced it down to the seven main categories of services that MHC provides. We optimized each service page to take up a specific page in the search results. 

Within 3 weeks of making the website live the average position of the website in the search results rose by 10. We implemented a CRM for MHC and set up conversion tracking and their Google Ads account.

Now all the owner of MHC has to do is sit back and relax while the leads come pouring in!

How We Work

We Only Make Conversion Focused Websites!

All our projects start with a client discussion about their goals for the website. Once we know how the website should ideally perform we then get a sense of the client's design style for the website. We take the customer specifications into consideration and next perform detailed business, market, analytics and keyword research to help guide the design of the website.

We take all our background information and present it to our graphic designer. We discuss some design concepts and to UX flow for the website. With this information the graphic designer draws up a custom homepage for the client

The homepage will be presented to the client after 3 - 5 days for review. The client can approve the homepage or ask for a brand new design. Often times clients will ask for changes on the website. The turnaround time for request changes is less than 24 hours. We will redo the design as many times as needed until the client loves everything about the website.

Once the homepage is approved we draw the rest of the pages of the website. You get unlimited revisions on the remaining pages as well. Once all pages are approved we send your design to our programmers to get it coded.

Our programmers will slice and dice your website drawings and code your design into a beautiful WordPress website. Our programmers use the latest and greatest web technologies so that your website is super fast and loved by Google!

Your new website will also have a fully customized back-end where you can quickly and easily make any changes to your WordPress website.

Once we are finished coding everything we make sure all your content is uploaded and looking nice and we send to you for review where you can still make as many changes as you need!

Once your website is designed, coded and approved by you, we still have work to do. We first do a complete, expert install of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. We set up all your pixels and retargeting trackers for your advertising programs. We then optimize all the pages of your website to help them rank high in the search engines. Lastly, we do a comprehensive digital audit to make sure all the pages are fully optimized and blazing fast!

No other web design company includes all this in their basic package!

Once the website is fully optimized for all your digital marketing needs we will launch your website. We will get you on the fastest servers and we will take the time to redirect all your old website pages. This ensures that if you are doing good in the search engines that you won't lose your current rankings. We move websites overnight and have them fully tested by the time you wake up in the morning!

We Make Websites That Convert

We’ll Make You A High Converting Orange And Oswald Website!

Attractive Design

A website that looks modern and amazing will help you to stick out to your customers. If you have the most attractive website in your industry then you will look like the most successful company. All our websites are designed with attractive images, layouts and design elements.

High Speed

Your website needs to load fast. A page that takes more than 2.5 second will start to lose impatient website visitors. Google prioritizes websites in the search engines that load fast and work good on mobile devices. All our websites are blazing fast and mobile optimized!

SEO Friendly

Organic search results are our focus before we even start designing your website. Nothing goes into your website that isn't fully optimized for Google. When we launch our websites they routinely climb the ranks of Google with very little off-page optimization needed!

Let’s Get Your Website Moving!

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